What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, Japanese technique that channels spiritually sourced life-force energy. For a student, though, it just feels great to receive reiki energy.

Reiki provides stress reduction, relaxation and healing through the hands of a Reiki Master. Some people liken it to a massage, because it is relaxing and rejuvenating. Others like it better than massage because the student is fully clothed while receiving Reiki.

While Reiki is often shared in person, it can also be received over a distance, so online reiki sessions are becoming increasingly popular.

Beth’s Reiki Circle

If you are interested in exploring the practice, consider joining the weekly Reiki circle, a small group of dedicated Reiki Masters, practitioners and people new to the practice who enjoy giving and receiving spiritually-sourced energy to one another.

This is a by-donation event, so you can pay whatever is affordable to you. Join us 7:30pm-8:45pm eastern time every Tuesday night.

Private Reiki

Do you need extra relief from physical pain, mental stress or emotional discomfort? In a private Reiki session, Beth will give you personal attention for a full hour.