Beth is an amazing Reiki healer, yoga instructor, singer, friend and beautiful being of light.  Reiki sessions with Beth help to alleviate stress and bring back balance.  She is very intuitive in her healing and is such a kind, loving person. Her sessions have an impact on many levels.  She has helped me to improve my energy, my ability to grow spiritually and my physical and emotional well-being.  Just thinking about a Reiki session with Beth makes me feel loved and supported by the universe!  No matter how stressful my life is, I feel like a new person after one of these sessions!!  I highly recommend Reiki with Beth to anyone who is feeling anxious, stressed, unhappy or unwell!  It can change your life!!” 

Marianne Robbins, Occupational Therapist

Beth is an intuitive healer and brilliant teacher in the community setting of circle and one on one.  She has a magical ability to bring people together and provide exactly what each person needs at that time.  Whether sharing an observation or spontaneously singing a lullaby, Beth has the ability to be nurturing, while simultaneously providing a powerful atmosphere for personal growth.  I would highly recommend Beth for Yoga or Reiki because she listens with her soul and you leave healed, refreshed and a little more ready to deal with your personal reality.

Katie Gorycki

I am a 55 year old nurse & time on my feet all these years has taken a toll on my body. I had 2 significant surgeries in less than two years. I went to Beth for assistance in healing postoperatively. She was so reassuring. During our session I felt a tightening over my heart & realized that, too, needed to heal.  I was so comfortable that I shared this. Beth placed her hands over my heart and I felt an instant release, Amazing!!  My treatment was more than I hoped for & I would recommend her 10 times over!

Jen Little

I came to Beth for private Reiki healing sessions during an extremely difficult time in my life. Beth has a deeply loving, spiritual heart, extensive knowledge of energy and song and is a very special wise human being.

Estelle Kinderlere

 Beth has a true and amazing gift of nurturing the heart, soul, mind and body. In my sessions with her she just sensed where my energy was blocked and gently held space for me to release my feelings. It was a profound and deeply moving experience. I felt her beautiful energy radiate from my head to my toes. And – the icing on the cake was hearing Beth’s gorgeous singing voice that she incorporated into our Reiki session.

The following week I gifted my sister a Reiki session with Beth and she also raved about her healing experience. While at a music festival I saw a bumper sticker that read “Hello you beautiful being of light” and knew I had to get it and mail it to Beth – because those words could not be more true in describing her!.

Gail Heller

Hearing Beth’s voice brings an instant soothing to my soul, and is truly healing. That is why I so look forward to practicing with Beth, and being part of her Reiki sessions.

Marcy Smith, M.A., Ed.M,, Music Teacher, Cantorial Soloist


 Beth Bierko teaches wonderful yoga classes, great for any level. Her spirit and kindness shine through. Her classes are challenging but never too much. I feel stronger, more focused and calm. I am motivated to do yoga, which I haven’t been able to find on my own. Thank you, Beth.

Dylan Glanzer

My mornings with you brighten my day. You are the most delightful and sweet person – just what I need during these stressful times.

Sharon K.

As a medical massage therapist I often recommend yoga to my clients for various issues, particularly low back pain, stress and anxiety, as well as shoulder pain and just general tight muscles. Beth’s classes are gentle and easy to follow, even as a beginner. She always recommends modified versions or even to do what feels right for you now ( which is the root of yoga – listen to your body.) Personally Beth’s  zoom classes have helped keep me sane during these trying times.”

Donna Costa, LMT

I have been a yoga student of Beth’s for many years.  She has extensive knowledge and experience, which she imparts with sensitivity and kindness.  Best of all, she channels a clear and open energy that makes anything seem possible!”

Linda Wade, PhD

I have been a “beginner yogini” for more than 20 years.   Beth Bierko has been one of several influential teachers who have informed and shaped my practice. Beth has inspired, enlightened and handily amused me in developing a more assured practice. With Beth as my inspiring Yoga teacher/guide, I have discovered the joy of noticing breath, explored new postures I didn’t even know were physically possible and savored the calmness and mental clarity I always feel after savasana.

Beth’s style is gentle yet she will challenge you to be your best self on and off the mat. Many come to yoga to stretch, maybe to manage stress, or just for a brief respite from the world. What I have gained under Beth’s guidance is the discovery of something deeper and more meaningful about myself- something more important than whether or not I can touch my toes, do downward dog or hold a plank.

Susan Pinckney 

Over the past 15 years, I have enjoyed Beth’s yoga offerings and have referred friends, relatives and patients to her. I feel confident in her ability to bring all that the practice of yoga has to offer to a wide range of individuals. Her gentle classes are suitable to most any mobile individual in their 50’s, 60’s or 70’s.  She brings her warm, sunny energy into every class and clearly explains each movement in both her virtual and in-person classes.  She is a true inspiration!

Rachel Friedman, P.T., 200 hour R.Y.T.

I first met Beth serendipitously as she welcomed the community to her Yoga, music, Reiki, and healing offerings. I was immediately attracted to her joyful, uplifting and buoyant energy. Over the years I have shared many Yoga and Reiki experiences with Beth. If you are lucky enough enjoy one of Beth’s classes, you will experience a very unique combination of calm flow, humor, acceptance, comfort levels, beautiful singing, and her very bright light!

Marcy Smith, M.A., Ed.M,, Music Teacher, Cantorial Soloist

Beth Bierko is an empathic and inspired yoga teacher whose approach to yoga embraces the body – all bodies – with compassion and good humor.   It is not unusual to be laughing with Beth from sheer joy while still sitting with the inevitable discomforts of life and the physical self.

Her talent as a vocal artist enhances her yoga practice further with harmonies that bring angelic presence into the sangha (community) during meditation.

Mia de Bethune, ATR-BC, LCAT, SEP
NYU Graduate Art Therapy
Internship Coordinator
Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Art Therapy on Hudson

Beth is gift of abundance to yoga….highly competent, attuned to what is happening around and within herself, offering a presence as she provides space for connecting mind, body, spirit in one’s self and in the world, bringing you home to yourself.  She is a searcher and invites you to join her in exploring one’s inner life through movement and breath.  And with her joy, expressed through song, body ,words, she reaches us to make gentle the ways of our world.

 Gaynell Cronin


Given my Parkinson’s condition and my job working remotely on a computer, my neck and shoulder present daily problems. Your presentation and explanation made me so much more aware of my posture and especially head position. I have already made little but significant adjustments. It was just what I needed ! Thank you .

Ellen R.