Mat Yoga

Gentle Yoga Class

60 Minutes

This class is ideal for those who want a class that is accessible, easeful and nurturing.  Great for those who are new to yoga, may be working with minor mobility issues or anyone who wants a gentle alternative to a power yoga class.

We begin with centering, move thorough warm-ups to lubricate the joints and warm the muscles, leading to yoga poses and simple flows.  At the end of class, we join together in guided relaxation.  

Gentle Yoga Class+

75 Minutes

This class is ideal for students who enjoy a slightly longer practice and have some experience. It can be a bit more physically active.

This class includes centering, warm-ups, poses and flows. It may include a few challenging poses and a longer time for relaxation and meditation.

Chair Yoga

Easy-Does-It Chair Yoga

30 Minutes

This class is perfect for those with limited mobility, anyone recovering from an injury or managing chronic conditions or pain. The goal is to release tension, awaken the body, focus the mind and create a sense of greater vitality.

We move gently and slowly through simple practices with an emphasis on breathing, meditation, eye yoga, self-massage, wrist and hand sequences, shoulder and neck stretches and leg movements.

Throughout the class, participants are given alternatives based upon their limitations, if any.

Dynamic Chair Yoga

30 Minutes

This chair class is for students with fewer limitations on their movement than “Easy-Does-It Chair Yoga”.

The class includes many of the physical benefits associated with a traditional mat class – strength, flexibility and balance – but eliminates the stress resulting from moving from standing to sitting and back again throughout the session. 

We begin with centering and move to seated warm ups and moderately challenging poses in the chair. 

Note: this class may include some standing and balancing poses using the chair for support, but they are always optional. 

Please note: 

While these are gentle yoga classes, not all yoga classes are suitable for everyone. Please consult your physician before engaging in any exercise program and carefully monitor your participation based on your individual abilities to reduce the risk of injury. Beth Bierko expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury, losses, or damages related to any program and the exercises and instruction it contains. A waiver requiring your signature will be provided.