• Private Yoga

Private Yoga

A private yoga session is one of the best ways to get started with a yoga practice if you are a beginner or to deepen your practice if you want to learn more with individualized attention. And there are so many benefits to a private class.

The Benefits of Private Yoga

  1. Create Healthy Habits. A private class is the best way to learn to do the poses (asanas) safely and correctly. It helps you create healthy alignment habits and keeps you safe from injury.
  1. Answers to Questions. In a group class it may feel uncomfortable to interrupt the flow to ask a question. In a private session (online or in-person), we encourage questions! You and your teacher can talk about anything you don’t understand or want to know more about. We believe that a mentor is great at every age!
  1. Explore the Asanas. Let’s face it, there can be poses that confuse us, frustrate us or even hurt when we attempt them in a group class. In a private session, you can learn little tweaks to make these challenging poses more accessible. Later, you can explore new asanas to deepen the benefits of your practice.
  1. Get What You Need. Focus on what your body, mind or heart is most in need of with a dedicated, present teacher. Need lower back work or feeling extra anxiety? Together, we’ll develop a sequence to help you feel less pain and sleep better, or a breathing technique to wake you up or calm you down. Given the intimacy of a private session, we can concentrate solely on your body and offer specific practices tailored to your needs.
  1. Take it On the Road. Sometimes, we have to travel and we cannot connect with our group. Sometimes we have to fit a class in with only thirty minutes before an event. In a private setting, we can develop a travel-ready set that includes centering, breathing, warmups, poses and resting that you can use anywhere, anytime!

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